Your Vote Matters.

Skip the line on Election Day. Have a ballot mailed to your front door every single election. It’s easy and secure – it should only take 2 minutes!

“In 2017, my race was decided by just one vote. Your vote matters! Join the permanent voting list and make sure you never miss a vote!”

– Democratic Delegate Shelly Simonds

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What is the permanent absentee voting list?

Virginia Democrats recently passed a law allowing voters to sign up to automatically receive an absentee ballot in the mail for every election. Voting by mail is safe, secure, and convenient. Now, no matter how busy you are, you can ensure you never miss an election.

How does permanent absentee voting work?


Use our simple & secure application portal to apply for an absentee ballot for this November’s election. 


Check the box that you would “like to vote by mail for all future elections until I instruct otherwise.” You can also choose to receive all Democratic or Republican primary ballots. 


Submit your application and wait for your ballot to arrive approximately 45 days before the next election. If you have submitted an absentee ballot application for a ballot to be sent by mail, you can track your ballot by logging into Ballot Scout.


Complete your ballot, following the instructions included in the envelope. You must have a witness present when you vote


Put your ballot back in the mail or take it to a secure dropbox listed on your local voter registrar’s website. 

Why does this matter and why now?

Republicans are just a few seats away from controlling every branch of our state government and imposing their MAGA agenda on Virginians. Governor Youngkin needs to flip just two seats this November to pass his abortion ban, destroy voting rights, and repeal the sensible gun laws Democrats fought so hard to pass. We’re expecting multiple races to come down to a handful of votes, so your vote WILL make a difference this November. 

Signing up to receive your ballot in the mail every election is the best way to make sure you never miss an election. Don’t let a busy schedule, weather, or chance interfere — sign up for the permanent absentee voter list today.